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Suzhou Boarding Industrial Co.,Ltd is one manufacturing and trading enterprise of one-stop service, locating at Suzhou City,China,which major mission is to supply with complete solution for deep drawing components.

Our major business includes:
PLC Double Acting Hydraulic Deep Drawing Machines;
Four-Column Hydraulic Press;
Water Bulging Hydro Forming Machine;
High-Precision Hydraulic Power Press;
Hydraulic Cold Extrusion Machine;
Frame Induction Press;
CNC Simple Spinning Machines

We have experienced several development stages:
1,first stage: with the company name Suzhou Hengda Drawing Co.,Ltd established in 2004 to make the aluminum kettles only.Right now,we use BOARDING brand to distribute our machine in China and abroad.

2,second stage:with the company name Daily Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd established in 2010 to manufacture the deep drawing machines and make the trading business of all deep drawing products such as gas cylinders.

3, third stage:Suzhou Boarding Industrial Co.,Ltd established in 2015 to focus on the complete production project of deep drawing products.We are not only supply with the deep drawing machines but also other metal sheet forming machinery.

4, fourth stage:we develop and supply with the big frame hydraulic machinery with the capacity more than 500T,1000T,2000T,3000T. which purpose is to cover all deep drawing components for all industries.

The key machines include the ZY07 series hydraulic water bulging machinery,ZY34 series Frame Hydraulic Press,YD65 series four-column hydraulic machines,HD Series Numerical control double-acting hydraulic deep drawing machines,etc.

Especially the patented HD Series PLC Double Acting Hydraulic Deep Drawing Machines is the good option for the deep drawing of all kinds of metal sheet deep drawing components.
It`s our permanent pursuit to help customer to solve the difficulties in production,simplify the procedure of new deep drawing project,etc.
You find the correct company of metal sheet forming now.
One-stop service is here, let`s make it more easy!

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